The Joys of Job Searching

Ha ha…me taking my first steps back into the office life. Photo by Teresa Potter

So it’s finally come; my youngest daughter is in school full time so it’s time for me to get an office J-O-B. I can’t lie I’m actually a little nervous. Although I’m beyond ready to go back to work, I know it’s not an easy task to find that perfect job. It’s time for me to be extra picky because I’m looking for a career not a temporary position. My schedule has freed up so I want to make sure I’m making good use of it. I want that job that I can retire at. I have a family and I’m really ready to settle down. So what do I want? Well that’s easy, no more working from home. I want something more permanent. I need a team. People to share ideas with. I miss the office life.

I love networking, either through social media or even better, in-person. So I’m sticking with what I’m good at and what I’m still paying student loans for…communication or better known as Marketing/PR/Social Media/Events which pretty much all mesh together into the communication folder. My skills are in these areas which include writing, networking, media, etc. Now to find that perfect fit. If you know a job that you think would be my dream job and I would be their dream candidate send them to my online portfolio for info all about me. Wish me luck everyone!!!

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Flirting with Attraction Bachelor/ette Auction Press Release

Contact: Larissa Long    For Immediate Release

Flirting with Attraction Bachelor/ette Auction for Charity

Bellevue, WA—Join 16 of the Puget Sound’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes on Thursday October 18, 2012 for a night of auction madness at Flirting with Attraction. This benefit event is being held in support of local non-profits Hope Heart Institute and Queen, It’s a New Day. The goal is to raise $60,000 to support both causes.

The audience will have the opportunity to bid on singles from all over the Puget Sound. Winners will receive a date package and a night out with the single bid on. Our dates include everything from a trapeze class to horseback riding to a gourmet food tour dinner. For anyone not single we will also be auctioning off date packages for all of you couples out there.

“When I was asked to be a part of the Flirting with Attraction date auction benefiting not just one, but two great charities, I jumped at the chance. Traditionally, charity events required you to dress up, attend a dinner and listen to a keynote speaker – this is not for everyone, especially many young adults. Events such as this allows patrons to grab a few cocktails, bid on exciting date packages, and meet new people in a less formal environment,” stated Krista Townsend, Flirting with Attraction bachelorette.

Flirting with Attraction takes place on Thursday October 18, 2012 at Suite Lounge in Bellevue. Doors open at 7:00pm and the program begins at 7:30pm. The evening will be hosted by Miss Seattle Jean-Sun Ahn along with auctioneer Troy McVicker of Event Source Northwest. Each guest will receive a swag bag filled with over $100 worth of goodies. VIP tables are available with an upgraded swag bag, bottle of wine and guaranteed seating for up to six people.

The purpose of this event is to raise money for two great local charities while bringing singles from the Seattle/Bellevue area together with an easy-going fun vibe. Our singles include a lawyer, doctor, radio personalities, project manager, non-profit CEO, runway model, pageant beauties and so much more.

“With losing two very important people in my life to heart disease, I chose the Hope Heart Institute as one of our charities to bring attention to the number one killer of both men and women, said Larissa Long, Mrs. Pacific Northwest and event organizer, “and Queen it’s a New Day has changed the lives of so many women just by giving women a sense of hope and confidence. I had to incorporate a charity about self-worth into an auction for singles because we all know it’s not easy to put yourself out there like that.”

Admission is $20 before the event and $30 at the door. There are also VIP tables available for $200. You can get your tickets through Planana at  For more information visit If you‘d like to donate to any of the causes benefiting go to or

What: Flirting With Attraction Bachelor/ette Auction
Who: Open to the public, ages 21 and over
When: Thursday, October 18, 2012 – doors at 7:00pm
Where: Suite Lounge, Located on the lobby floor of the Wintergarden Plaza of The Hyatt Regency Hotel
10500 NE 8th St, Suite 125, Bellevue WA 98004


Change Starts with Education

I don’t know how to start this post without crying. I just spent the last hour looking through pictures on my Uncle Z’s Facebook profile. They were fun memories and many of the pictures made me laugh. However, what made it difficult is that one year ago my Uncle Z passed away from a heart attack. Never in a million years did we think he would go that way. He was so lively and full of love. He made everyone laugh and truly cared for everyone in his life. Then the memories of my Uncle Z led to memories of my Boopa. Twelve years ago this November I lost my hero to heart disease as well. He had many heart attacks in my lifetime but he always made it through. I always felt like he would live forever. He was the man I always looked up to. The one I begged my parents not to tell on me for when I misbehaved because I didn’t want him to be disappointed in me. He loved his family so much. So much in fact it tore my family apart when he died. Yes, we all still love each other but it’s just not the same. We’re not as close as we once were which only made his death even harder. I literally think about my Boopa everyday. The hardest part for me is that my kids never got to know him and what a great man he really was and how much he loved us all.

For years I dedicated my life to fighting heart disease. However, this was before I lost my Boopa because he died 3 days after I walked with my family in his honor against heart disease. It was hard to bring myself back to the fight. I continued to give but I couldn’t do much more…until now. I’m ready to get back in the game so I don’t lose anyone else important to me. I need to educate my kids and their cousins so they don’t ever have to feel the pain of losing someone the way I did so quickly. Luckily for me the Mrs. Washington America Pageant teamed up with an amazing organization called the Hope Heart Institute which does just that, educates. I’m so happy to jump on board and start once again in the fight against heart disease. It doesn’t just kill men it kills women as well. In fact it is the number one killer of both men and women. So please take the time to exercise, eat right and learn the steps to lead a healthier life so your grandkids can introduce you to their children one day. It isn’t something you can take back.

So many in my life have been affected by heart disease: my Omi, Uncle Bob, Aunt Sasha, Uncle Leonard, PawPaw (who also passed away shortly after I paid a visit to him in Texas) and many more extended family friends. It’s such an easy disease to prevent but you have to start now. I’d love for you to join me in educating people and fighting heart disease. It won’t just change my life it may very well change yours.  Please click on my link below or on the Hope Heart logo above and make a donation to the Hope Heart Institute. They bring education to all ages. Let’s help them to continue they’re work by supporting this great cause. Thank you!

One Month Away

2012 Mrs. Washington America ladies…good times

In one month big things are going to be happening…no not my 34th birthday (that’s not all that exciting). I’m talking about the 2013 Mrs. Washington America Pageant. Not only have I been prepping for this for a year but it’s our director, Pam Curnel’s 20th Anniversary of being the pageant director. It’s an exciting year on so many levels. I can’t wait. The best part is there are so many amazing women I am competing with. As hard as I feel I have worked for this I know everyone of those women have worked just as hard as me which honestly makes me feel even better about choosing this pageant to compete in. I’ve learned so much this past year and will use what I’ve learned to help me during those two days of competition but knowing I’m in such good company is rewarding in itself and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Good luck ladies! It’s been great getting to know you all.

Flirting with Attraction Bachelor/ette Auction

I am proud to announce this amazing event in action called Flirting with Attraction to take place at the beautiful Suite Lounge in Bellevue. There are going to be some unbelievable people involved in this including Miss Seattle, our host and Lydia and Jose from MOViN 92.5. So come out on October 18th and join us for a good night and win yourself a super fun date with one of the Puget Sound’s most eligible bachelor/ettes. You can get your tickets through Brown Paper Tickets for only $20. Proceeds from the auction benefit my favorite charities Queen, It’s a New Day and Hope Heart Institute. If you’re interested in donating items for the date packages or if you’d like to be a victim, er…I mean participant in the auction please contact me ASAP!

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Catch Up Time

I have been so busy that I have forgotten I even had my own personal blog. Between moving, my family, work, appearances and my community service I don’t know how I ever had time. Although there was a three week period I went without a phone, internet or television (long story involving three service providers, fraud and bad luck). The first week was relaxing, stress free and full of running in the beauty of North Bend but by the beginning of the second week I was going out of my mind. I guess I am just built to enjoy being busy. Either that or I just don’t know how to live any other way. Luckily for me it’s always supported by my amazing family and friends. Next week is a little slower for me but I’m sure will pick up. I hope it gives me time to finally catch up on those three missing weeks. Wish me luck!

The best thing about blogging for Girl Power Hour is meeting amazing women that do amazing things every day. Even better than that is remembering I already had amazing women in my life and they contribute just as much. If you haven’t had a chance yet please read my latest post about one of my very best friends, Jennifer Gillette and the strength and compassion she has for saving lives. It will truly inspire you.

Giving Hope: Saving Lives On Her Dime